Below is a collection of pictures from some of the many filming sessions we had. For a year and a half we slowly pieced together this movie of ours - one Saturday afternoon at a time.

If you don't want any spoilers, you can click the Satellite to go back to the bridge. Door 3 will take you back to the video clips. The Hatch will take you to my final thoughts and post production musings. Otherwise, scroll down to see some of what went on between takes.


Well, let me take this space to thank John McConnel once again.

He is the owner of the ORPHEUM theater in Okmulgee. It is the oldest theater in Oklahoma still showing movies. And Mr McConnel was kind enough to offer us the run of the place for TWO seperate Saturdays, while we tried to piece together this little production of ours.


Anyway, here are a few pics from those parties. I switched a few of the pictures around, added a few new ones...

("Because we pride ourselves on being current... and topical!") so it's possible you haven't seen all of these before. Enjoy!

Bobo is Tired Director and Assistant


mmm... half melted jell-o
take #157
furnace fuel
take #319
getting ahead in the movies
Take #840
guess again