bobo sitting

Anyone who made back this far through the airlock deserves a treat!

What I am including here is a heeeuuuuuuuge file (60 Megs). It is an MPEG4 file which should work on quicktime. It is the “Making of” video of our little production. It includes behind the scenes action, plus a collection of outtakes and slip-ups. Consider it our own "Poopie" tape.

This video had its WORLD PREMIER at Conestoga 8, the local scifi convention. The crowds were small, but enthusiastic. (However, I must ruefully report that the biggest applause was given to the shot of a pizza box from a local chain. THAT built up my confidence, I can tell you).

This video was originally going to be included with the movie, but the skits ran a little long, so I am leaving it here on the website instead.

Now, I have to warn you - besides the size factor, there are MAJOR SPOILERS for the movie here. So if you don't want to know our secrets in advance, wait until later. If you've been through this site before and seen the next page and figured out the ending anyway, then hey! Go for it! Click on BOBO for the file.




Like I said before - some of our skits ran long. Reeeeeal long. One of the intermissions broke the 5 minute mark. And to keep it from scraping close to SEVEN, I sadly cut out this part.

But now, thanks to the wonders of the web, and a bored webmaster, I can include it here.

The skit takes place at the halfway point of the movie, but doesn't really give anything away. If you are interested, Click on the button console to download the clip. It is a 2MB MPEG4 file.

As always, you can go back, up, or on to DOOR 2 for many more filming photos.