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So far I have built two robots: Crow and Tom Servo. And by "I built" I mean "My dad and I." His help was invaluable - especially with some of the intricate control mechanisms we designed for Crow. He is definitely the technical genius behind their creation and I am proud of the work we got to do together.

I never found a car seat for Gypsy, (and never could afford the $80-120 people were asking for them on ebay) but maybe someday. So for now it is just the boys. They don't travel too much, but they have been around town a bit. Crow has been to at least one pizza place. Servo made it to Village Inn one Sunday for brunch. They both made it to a midnight showing of Plan 9 from Outer Space at the local movie house, and both are becoming regular guests at the yearly SciFi literary convention Conestoga. Here are a few pictures of Tom and Crow you may not have seen before.

Crow sneaks to the podium when no one is looking gives the keynote address at the convention.


Uh-Oh. Someone flipped Servo's switch to "EVIL" again!

Various poses of Crow from back when he was still an only child! I'll find some of Servo and post them next month, I promise.

EDIT - Four new pics are on Servo's Home Page  

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