The germ of the idea for the movie came about in the waning weeks of the last millenium. A group of 12-15 friends and I decided that we were going to celebrate the Y2K bug in style, in Vegas! While there, we planned to MST our own movie. The voted on winner(?) was TIMECOP, with ARMAGEDDON coming in a close second. So Timecop we watched. ... I mean retched... No, I mean watched.... No... I mean retched....

Another viewing almost a year later with another group of friends helped me fill in some of the gaps where we were previously stunned into silence. I soon typed up a wierd spreadsheet type script with timecodes and who quipped what to what line in the movie. Confused? So were my actors, I think.

The intermissions can only be blamed on me. My fault. (you see, they are kind of long.) In fact, intermission one was SO long, I cut it in half and made it into two. As a writer the most important thing I learned about my scripts was : "the actors never read them beforehand." As a director, the most important thing I learned about scripts is: "That doesn't matter." There will be so many OTHER problems going on at the same time, that forgotten lines will seem a minor inconvenience.


At the end of intermission two, Pearl Forrester has... um... a "plan." (I don't want to give too much away). How did that plan work out? We never see. That was one of the scenes that we never even had time to film. But if you care at all, you can read it now! Click the dizzy dinosaur (hint? Me?) to learn "what might have happened." Remember: This has MAJOR SPOILERS!

Behind the next door is all kinds of stuff about the non-human stars of this movie: Tom and Crow. Or you can head back by clicking on the Satellite.