Welcome to the first guest written story of my archive! (A little background might be in order, tho.) Thunt has begun creation of an online Goblins game. In this game, players/readers create their own goblin, name it, and begin searching their world. Due to overwhelming response, Thunt put the game on hold so he could work on making it playable by hundreds, instead of the dozens he originally expected.

What to do while we wait? Well, many of us took to writing our own adventures using the characters we had made for the game. So without further chatter from me, here are the first few chapters of one such adventure. Click the scrolls below for each short insight into Slings Words.

(PS~ "Dances with Llamas" is my character... or will be when the game starts...)



Anyway, I do have two story snippets of my own I can share for now. The first is a short monologue. I have joined an online RPG where all the players are goblins. My character is a bard who spent most of his life as a slave, but now is free and exploring the world. Only the world isn't all he had thought it would be. I wrote this trying to get a feel for the character. It takes place before he meets the rest of the group. You can click below to read about Dral.



This second story is a rough draft of the first chapter of a possibly longer work that as of yet has no title. (Vague enough for you?) During a forum discussion, someone brought up the narrative possibilities of a very young goblin (goblins have a lifespan of only about 30 years) meeting a very old Kobold (who in some cases can live well over 1000 years.) Can two creatures with such different natures and backgrounds adventure together - without driving each other crazy? (Cue "Odd Couple" themesong).



You know what, folks? I enjoy writing and will keep doing so, but it is also nice to hear from any of you who read my stuff, or just are browsing my website. Drop me a line. Say Hi. Don't say Hi. Let me know what you think, or what you would like to see or read. acyn@cox.net





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