Well that's it. I've finished. The video is done. The sound is adjusted. The layouts for the the DVDs are finalized. It's been quite a ride. The last 3 months especially, were very trying for me. Hopefully, those of you who see the movie will find it funny, but my dad is right - those who have never made their own movie will ever realize fully how much work is put into these things. A toast then, to all who have taken on the mantle of fan movie producer. You have my respect and sympathy. Cheers.

The movie came to 2:00:05. That's two hours and 5 seconds from the original 97 minutes in Timecop. That's 23 extra minutes of fun fun fun for all of you.

I held the world premiere March 12 to a small but important audience. (Most of the main cast). Nobody walked out on me, which I guess is a good sign. In fact, we ended the premiere with more people than we started with. Here's a shot of those who made it all the way thru the stinger.

true friends

So how about an "end of the movie" tally.

# months between first group viewing of Timecop and movie premiere: 63

# barrels bought for Tom Servo's Torso: 3

# computers used to edit film: 2

# video cameras that died on me during filming: 2

# microphones that did same: 1

# of microphones that that left me for a three person bridge crew: 2

# scenes that had to be reshot or re-dubbed due to above: 5

# actors who moved out of the COUNTRY after filming had started: 2

# former marines I actually got to dress in silly costumes and read lines for me: 2

# conventions that have shown my movie: 1

# sequels everyone tells me they are willing to do: ZERO (oh well).

# copies I will trade over the next few years: ???????


Let me thank everyone yet again for their patience and their support while I muddled through this whole grand experience. There were a lot of highs and lows and I really do appreciate all of you who stuck with me and helped me make this happen. I hope you like the film.


Here on this last page of the airlock, I have included the opening credits to my MST. It is a combination of the exterior shots used in the original show, and interior shots of my own crew. It is a 11 meg file in MPEG4 format. You should be able to play it with Quicktime. Click on the film reel to view it, then on the satellite to head back to the main bridge.

opening reel