KTMA airlock


"Time to end my movie career ... NOW!"      -Crow

For the record, my first MST3K episode - and therefore my all-time favorite forever - was Attack of the The Eye Creatures! The Rip Taylor Trio... Earl Hollomania.... "They just didn't care".... The perfect Episode, IMHO. Since then I've seen about 150 more, but always look to Eye Creatures as the Standard.

I've managed one convention so far - Gateway in 2000. I got my pic taken with Kevin, Mike, and Bill, met a lot of other fans, griped about the Henry the 8th staff and facilities, and generally had a great time. "But what about your movie?" you might be wondering. Ah. Well, that came along very slowly, complete (or RE-plete) with long stretches of inactivity, a few false starts, and whatnot. To learn all about the history of making this thing, read on. Each airlock deals with a different aspect of my filming adventure.

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