OVER 600!!!!!!!!!

Did you know it's been over 600 days since I last updated this website? Did you know it's ALSO been over 600 days since I've had any feedback at ALL about this website?


Maybe. But would it KILL you to drop me an email?


The squeaky wheel goes on my shopping cart... or something... Whatever. I'm a friendly guy. really! you can say hello!

lost time


Two Years

Back to back hard drive failures in 2008 and 2009 soured me for a long time regarding most of my computer activities. (The productive ones, anyway). Finally, hopefully, I'm back and will DO something with this site. It's languished long enough. I have stories I need to write, videos to make, and designs to... uh...

...be designed.



There will be changes in this site over the fall. Most notably, a design change. But there will be content differences too. I will be keeping the Goblins section up, and possibly adding a second comic by the wonderful "Worst Case" ~ something I should have added two years ago... but see the above paragraph for my lame excuse why not. And the Satellite and bots pages will probably remain, altho in different forms.

I will also keep up the MSTopoly page, but perhaps with a twist. More on that later.

The biggest change? As of now, I am removing my movie from the "market." It's been 7 years, and I think the interest has finally ended. Thanks again to everyone who asked for a copy. It was a remarkable experience, and a remarkable learning experience too. I know the production quality was at times lacking, but I am still proud of the creativity and excitement that went into it.



What will replace it? More stories, and new game designs, to start. I wrote half a novel in the NaNoWriMo 2 years ago. I want to finish and rework that. Also several short stories.

I have created a second board game - a variant of the "Vegas Showdown" game by Avalon Hill. I am in the beginning stages of another board game of completely original design as well, and am mapping out a expansion set (probably unofficial, but who knows) of another game. I wanted to chronicle that progress in the blog I started back in '08 but the computer crashes killed my interest in keeping that up as well.

And for the visual side of my brain, photography albums? video shorts? There are hardware AND software problems I face right now, but maybe by the time I actually figure out how to make this new web design work, I'll be ready to utilize it.


That's enough talk for now. Long story short: thanks to my friends and to the people who somehow managed to keep interested enough to visit here once in a while. I am SO SORRY I have had nothing to share. I'm going to try again. I hope it will be worth the wait.

Thanks for reading.




PS ~ if you haven't seen my Dragoncon 2010 photos..... check em out! The link is right below.



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