Last summer, I made a cross country pilgrimage to Atlanta Georgia. I was going to meet the stars of Mystery Science Theater, and attend the largest (by a factor of TWENTY) convention of my life. The weekend was .... almost.... everything I could have hoped for. In my little fanboy mind, I just KNEW all the MST stars would gather around me and we'd laugh and share stories, and they would praise my creativity and .....


Actually... I was HOPING to just shake their hands and get some signatures.

How'd I do? judge for yourself.


I'm taking my BOTS with me! Across country! To Atlanta! To DRAGONCON!

Why? Because I'm just that stupid stubborn proud! But guess what..... Size! Weight! Bulkiness! Problems!

in the end, the bots got shipped UPS. Which ran about $50 each way. as opposed to getting them on the airline - which would have run MINIMUM $150 each way.

This led to the biggest regret of the convention.....

Crow..... Doesn't pack well. Or easily. He arrived at my friend's house in Atlanta with minor damage to his eyes (easily fixable) - but MAJOR damage to his paint job. ie ~ the packing foam which protected him from bumps also scraped off large sections of paint from his beak.

< /snip of rant about going to Hobby Lobby in Atlanta and discovering the ONE FRIKKING COLOR OF PAINT GONE FROM THE TESTORS DISPLAY.... >

So Crow Stayed in the hotel room the WHOLE time. Sucky sucky sucky suck suck suck. D:

Con Photos

Dragoncon was SO FRIKKIN COOL!

I really don't like crowds. They make me nervous. So why go to one of the biggest cons in the US? It's the geek in me. I couldn't stay away. There was just too many things to see. And I'm SO GLAD I went. I'll probably even go back someday. Dragoncon was WORTH the crowds!

I Took Tom Servo to the con 2 days of the 4. He was a BIG hit. TONS of people got his photo, and he drank in their atention and I did too. I also took a bunch of pics. A BUNCH. I won't bore you with most of them, but here are a few of my favorites.


Dark Angel

dark angel

Mr B Natural!!! (posing with my Servo) (she was a hoot)

Darth / Servo

Darth and Servo

Here is a tiny part of a line of HUNDREDS of Steampunk costumers. They were going for a world record of "most Steampunk in one place" or something like that. VERY inspiring to see all the creativity and talent people had. (I made the photo slightly sepia toned. It seemed appropriate)


Anyone remember the short film "Troops"?

Troops flashback


CLICK HERE to see the second page of pictures, including the MST3K CAST and my NEW IMPROVED SERVO!