Check out the REIGNING ROBOT of Conestoga 2008!



Tom Servo. The robot I built once, but bought twice.

I bought a candy dispensor for Servo's head, but then a month later found a second one in an abandoned office. (Actually, this gave me a second cap, plus a back-up head to paint black for the theatre segments. So this was a good thing.)

I bought a cookie jar from E-bay the exact size of the money-lover barrel. It was ceramic. WRONG!Next on the credit card was a Black Label Beer barrel. It was ... close ... but the ends were a good half inch narrower than the bottom of the gumball machine.  I finally relented and went back and bought a Giant Barrel of Monkies. Hey - my neices can enjoy the monkies, at least.

I bought 2 Slinky Jr's. WRONG! More gifts for the neices.

I bought a C. More Bunz doll from E-bay. (Seeing a trend here?)

Bad CMoreGood CMoreWarning! Warning! Danger! Danger! I don't remember seeing this written anywhere else, so let me state it here, now. All C-More-Bunz dolls are NOT created equal! My first doll had the head shown on the left. WRONG! The arms do NOT have the springs you want. On this doll, they were plastic only. No metal coils. Back to E-bay again, for a doll with the head shown on the right. (and several e-mails to the seller to double check.)

Many other adventures (interesting probably only to me) getting the train moldings, shoulders, and hands, but at least I only had to buy THEM all once.

Ahh, the chestplate. Flea-market. I - (like 99.44% of all bot builders) - never found the right toy car for the job. But check out this (by now disassembled) raygun I found for a quarter! Cool, huh? We cut out the middle and glued it to both sides of a big lego-ish thingie... hooked up a few wires, and check it out!

gun ship 2a gun ship 1


I double dog dare another Servo to do THIS! Hah!
Tom_Servo2 Tom Lit


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