Slings Words - Chapter 3



It’s quiet here…peaceful
Noise. No…noises.
Slings slowly awoke. The darkness of his dream world gave way to the light of the midday sun. Slings’ eyes opened cautiously, letting the haze of unconsciousness drift away at its own pace. When all was clear again, he sat up and looked around.
“Where am I?”
Around him ran several other goblins through a village Slings wasn’t familiar with. As a matter of fact, Slings wasn’t familiar with a lot of things. Specifically, who he was or what was going on.
“Umm…” Slings nervously called to the nearest goblin passing him, “Could you…tell me…what’s going…”
The goblin just rushed by him, not paying him a even a secondary glance. Slings frowned. Rising to his feet, he began working through the hordes of panicking goblins. Chaos seemed to reign supreme in this place, and Slings felt it was probably safer if he found who was in charge.
In the distance, he could see a large gathering of goblins around someone or something.
Must be important…

As he made his way over, he took a good look at the goblins around him. Off to the side was a male goblin-
He looked closer. In actuality that male goblin was a female dressed like a male. Slings raised an eyebrow. He decided not to think at it and continued to look around. Another goblin seemed to be cowering behind the trunk of a tree. Another male seemed terribly sleep deprived, or at least had the appearance of not having a good night’s sleep in a while. One seemed to be cradling a guava in his arms and scurrying about seemingly lost.
Slings would’ve continued observing his fellow goblins if it wasn’t for a particularly nasty tree root reaching out and snagging his foot.
Brushing himself off, he made his way to the group and carefully made his way through the crowd, making sure not to bump anyone in fear of triggering anger or panic in some paranoid goblin. Finally reaching the inner circle, Slings could see a lone figure standing amidst the confused masses. Unlike everyone else, this particular goblin seemed confident and in control of everything around him.
“Everyone calm down! You there!” the head goblin pointed at another nearby goblin, “Go get everyone to come over here!”
Slings watched as the head goblin started issuing orders to those around him to bring order to the chaos.
Slings leaned to the goblin nearest him and whispered.
“Who is that? What’s going on?”
The goblin shushed him as everyone else quickly gathered around the green goblin at the center.

“Ok…listen up! I’m going to explain this quickly so we can get ready! I’m Tempts Fate. I’m not actually a member of this goblin village or warcamp. What apparently happened was that some nearby humans cast a spell to make all of you forget who you are so that they may come in and kill you all without resistance. Why are they doing this? Because this warcamp happens to be guarding a magical temple that can duplicate any magical item for a brief period of time. We need to organize quickly so that we can fight them off when they come! Apparently, my presence has caused some of you to start remembering who you are. I hope this actually spreads to everyone because otherwise, we might have problems. Our first course of action is to go into that temple to obtain weapons and armor. I cannot go in with you because otherwise the effects of my presence may wear off.”
Tempts pointed at a nearby, elderly looking goblin.
“You. You look to be the oldest I’ve seen so far. You’ll help me organize. Have you remembered your name?”
The older goblin stepped forward, a look of seriousness about him.
“Ok, Java you’ll help me organize everyone for this.”

Slings gazed at the older goblin and something twitched in the back of his head. He looked down at the pouch at his hip and reached in. He pulled out a parchment and quill. Eyes staring intently, almost as if the parchment were his most prized possession, Slings began to read what was on it.
“A long time ago…there lived a young female goblin named Eyes like a Deer. Eyes had a propensity for getting herself kidnapped on consistent basis, but this wasn’t a problem. It wasn’t a problem because there lived a goblin who loved her dearly…his name was Fights for Love-“
At those words, something opened in Slings mind. A bright revealing light had illuminated what was, a moment earlier, dark and lost.
“I’m…Slings Words…”
Slings stood there in stunned silence.
“I’m Slings Words!”

Everyone in the crowd turned and looked at him. Slings blushed heavily and started to slink back toward the outskirts of the gathering.
Tempts Fate held his hand up and moved toward Slings.
“You remember who you are?”
Slings nodded nervously.
“What do you do? Fight? Strategize? Are you the Chief or the Teller?”
Slings looked at the ground for a moment. He remembered he wasn’t much of a talker…or much of a fighter. He realized Tempts was still looking at him. All he could do was raise the parchment and quill before Tempts and blush a much deeper shade.
Tempts stared at Slings long and hard.
“Slings is actually a skilled storyteller and writer,” a voice from behind them called, “If anything he could record the events here for posterity in case we don’t make it.”
The elder goblin, Java had stepped forward.
“And he may not be one of the best fighters we have but he’s really smart. He might’ve been one of the spellcasters.”
Tempts turned back to Slings and stared at him. Finally, a smile seemed to spread on his face.
“You’ll do fine, Slings. Just be careful.”
Tempts returned to the center and started organizing everyone. Slings stood there, not listening to what Java and Tempts were saying but instead was lost in his imagination.
Tempts Fate…

He pulled a fresh piece of parchment and started to quickly scribble.
Tempts Fate looked down upon the village he happened upon and saw the goblins in trouble…




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