Slings Words - Chapter 5



The call went out like an alarm through the warcamp. Slings had been doing his shift guarding the poorly-locked-treasure-chest, characteristically not focusing on the job he was supposed to be doing. Mind elsewhere, he almost didn’t hear the other goblins yelling and shouting.
Snapping back to reality, he could see all the others scrambling. Many were running to fortify the camp’s perimeter while others were handing out spears and swords. Amidst it all, he could see Java and “Chief” were coordinating the other goblins’ efforts.
Slings became suddenly aware of how dangerous of a position he was in. He never really understood why the others had assigned him to guard the chest, considering how he was one of the weaker warriors in the camp. He could never really swing a sword around as effectively as the others, or chuck a spear as accurately.

“JAVA!” Slings cried.
Java, despite being in the midst of the huge turmoil, turned to look at Slings.
“What should I do?!” Slings asked desperately, seemingly anxious to be given instructions.
Java gave him a motion to stay put with the chest and turned back to help the chief organize.
Slings stood there, looking left and right, watching the others rush about in their tumultuous hurry to be prepared for the imminent attack. By the weapons, he could see Dresses Like a Guy taking a sword, twirling it about as expertly as any of the veteran warriors. Slings couldn’t help but stare stupidly at her. She looked so beautiful, in a valkyric sort of way, wielding the weapon.

A scream emanated from the far end of camp, turning Slings attention from the object of his feelings. He could see Cheats at Poker running from his hut, serious look plastered on his face, spear clenched tightly in his hand. He obviously was headed for wherever that shriek came from.
Even Talks-No-Sense had ceased his normal babbling and seemed committed to protecting the Teller at all costs; circling the object of his protection like a lion did a freshly killed meal.
Slings looked back at the chest, and then back to everyone else. Sweat began to form on his brow. All he could do was what he did best…pull out a scroll and record what was happening, hopefully pulling some sort of inspiration from this ordeal…if he survived.

Before he could even go for his quill, he saw them. The humans had breached the eastern perimeter and were swarming into their camp, like vicious bloodthirsty cockroaches.
In moments the goblins in the camp had engaged the humans. A massive battle had erupted on all ends of the eastern half of the camp.. Dresses, Cheats, Dances with Llamas, all of his friends were dancing around a human or two each.
“How are you, Slings?”
Slings jumped at the sound of someone behind him. He whipped around to find Wanders Off standing there, spear in hand, lost look on his face.
“Wanders! What are you doing over here??”
“Not sure…just kinda found my way here.”
Another scream.
Slings turned just in time to see another of his friends, Walks Sideways, take a mace to the leg, crumpling him to the ground.
Slings’ teeth clenched.

He grabbed Wanders’ spear and took Wanders by the shoulders, staring him directly in the eyes.
“Wanders…I know its hard…but stay RIGHT HERE and make sure no humans get near this chest.”
Without another word or an answer from Wanders, Slings turned and bolted toward the human that had just incapacitated Walks. His pupils grew, first time he had felt this happen, and a growl rumbled low within him.

He charged.
He raised his spear high. A glowing faintly started to surround his weapon.
All he knew was the human and saving Walks.
With a mighty roar, magic pouring from him, Slings drove home




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