Slings Words - Chapter 6



“Dresses…umm…I was wondering if…if you would be interested…in…maybe having some…”
Slings shook his head as he recited the practiced speech. The scroll in his hand wrinkled and blotched from rewrites and changes, he looked over it again and again.
“Dresses…I was wondering….if…if you would…”
Slings sighed and fell back onto his bed. Crumpling the scroll, he threw it casually to the side and stared at the ceiling of his hut.

“Hey!” Wooden Leg sat up in his bed, “Watch where you’re throwing things!”
“Oh…sorry Wooden…” Slings said absentmindedly.
“What is this anyway?” Wooden asked, opening up the crumpled scroll.
“No! Don’t-“ Slings began before realizing Wooden was about five lines in.
“Aww Slings…again? You know you won’t talk to her. You didn’t the last five times.”
Slings blushed, as usual.
“ need to either forget about this,” Wooden held up the scroll, “Or forget about talking to her.”

“Y’know snotling…” a voice came from the door, “He’s right.”
Java stood there, helmet full of coffee in hand.
“Hey Java,” Wooden said casually, lying back down.
Slings sat up, shuffling his scrolls about embarrassed by the mess.
“Stop stop…you don’t have to tidy up for the likes of me.”
Java moved into the hut and sat down next to Slings.
“Have you been listening to anything I’ve told you? This,” Java grabbed a nearby scroll, “Isn’t the way to talk to a girl.”
Java took a sip of his coffee.
“It has to come from here,” he said, pointing to Slings’ heart.
Slings blushed again, looking at his feet. Java stood up and started walking out. Before going through the doorway, Java turned once more and narrowed his eyes on Slings.
“Don’t be so scared of everything, Slings.”

With that, he turned and left. Slings sat there, wrapping his brain around Java’s words.
A few minutes later, after a lot of deep thinking, Slings exited the hut, a look of determination on his face, scroll in hand. He marched through the warcamp, asking every goblin he saw about the whereabouts of Dresses. They all told him she was on guard detail at the temple entrance.
There, Slings saw Dresses standing there, looking a little bored with her job. Taking a deep breath, he approached her with as much confidence as he could muster. As he approached, she perked up and waved.

“Hi!” she shouted as he got closer.
Slings returned her wave and hustled over to her.
“Hey, Slings. Are you here to relieve me?”
Slings shook his head, all the confidence he had mustered now gone. Staring into her eyes, all the courage Java, Wooden, and everyone else had given him was drained. Nervously, he went for the scroll and unrolled it.
Dresses looked at him curiously.
“Umm….Dresses…I was wondering…er…if…if you would…”
He stopped. At this very moment, in the act of doing it, did he realize the words written weren’t the words he wanted to say. They had never been the words he wanted to say…just the words his heart felt. He had realized Java and the others had been right.

He looked over the scroll, then back at Dresses, who was giving him a strange look now. He took the scroll and tore it in half, another deep breath being taken.
“Dresses…ever since we were young snotlings…growing up together…I’ve liked you. I’ve liked you growing up and I still like you. You know how bad I am when it comes to talking to people but…it’s always been much worse with you. I’ve never been able to tell you how I feel…until today. And I was hoping when you were done with guard duty…maybe we could get some coffee and talk about it?”
Slings paused, trying to read Dresses face, but found himself unable to do so.
“So….what do you say?”




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