MAR-K SPECIALIZED restoration and custom truck parts. One of the most sophisticated online ordering engines out there. From bed wood to roll pans, plus how-to guides, events listing, and more. You didn't come to this site looking for truck info, but truck owners, you now know where to get it! (Plus, its my parents' business! Go here and see how far behind I am in the web presence category).

TYPE 40 is a remarkably thorough site of all things Doctor Who - from books to movies to reviews to sounds to lots lots more. And run by one of my oldest friends. Check it out!

MST3K FANVID DATABASE has listings for dozens of home made MST episodes. (There are quite a few of us out there, apparently!) If I haven't scared you away from the genre altogether ("If I haven't scared you away from the genre....") then definitely visit some of these people.

JOE CROW'S BOT CAVE has a complete line of robot parts, and instructions for making your own companions for when you want to watch some really cheesy movies. It's where I got my Servo shoulders and Turbo Trains.

TIME TRAVEL. That was the whole point of the movie Timecop. (Well, that, and kickboxing).
Here's what one authority says.
And here is another.
And another
And of course, STAR TREK has its own take!
is an analysis of time travel in the Star Trek movies
Take the Star Fleet Acadamy course on temporal plot devices!


FOOTROT FLATS was a brilliant comic from Australia. Here is a fan's page to explain it.

Tired of staring at the same old computer? Check out these MODIFIED MACHINES that you won't find at CompUSA! (A Steampunk mouse sits atop this page).

DOO WOP HORSES is just funny. Is whimsical still an OK word to use?

RAY BRADBURY - My favorite living author. Here's his official homepage.

UNDER REPORTED - There's the understatement of the year.  Anyone who only gets their news from the networks is hearing exactly what one of 7 multi-billion dollar corporations want you to hear. Of course these sites are controversial. That's the whole point.


Not ready to leave yet? Then come on back inside. We've built up the fire and set out lots of comfy chairs!