Slings Words - Chapter 4



Ah treetop…
Morning had come and Slings lied on his normal tree branch. He sighed happily and stretched his arms upward toward the sky, letting his muscles stretch.
He rolled off the branch and grabbed hold before plummeting, letting his body dangle there for a moment. Suddenly, he saw his quill and various parchments fall from his bag. In a rash and impulsive move, Slings let go and fell, somehow catching his lost effects midair moments before hitting the ground with a heavy thud.

“Slings! Are you all right?” a familiar voice called.
“….not sure,” Slings replied, face still plowed into the dirt from the fall.
Before he knew it, he was being lifted to his feet. Still dizzy from the impact, Slings was suddenly aware of a pair of hands dusting his clothes off. The hands moved to his shoulders and shook him a bit.
“C’mon Slings…snap out of it!” the voice continued.
Slings’ dizziness left him, now being shaken somewhat more violently than he would’ve liked. He put his hands up to cease the shaking, regaining his footing as best he could. After a few moments, his balance was regained and his vision started to clear.

Before him stood Dresses Like a Guy. Dresses, one of the few female goblins in the warcamp, was aptly named. Today, she seemed to favor a slightly baggy shirt and a dirtied pair of pants. It wasn’t clear if her pants were previously dirty or if she had decided to get an early start today, but Slings mind was occupied with other things currently.
At this moment, for some reason, he couldn’t stop staring into her eyes.
“Oh man! Slings! You should’ve seen yourself fall from that branch! I didn’t even know you were up there until I saw you falling!”
Slings, predictably, blushed heavily.

“No problem. I was just worried that you had hurt yourself or something and I’d have to take your guarding shift!” Dresses laughed.
Slings continued to stare into her eyes for a few more moments before suddenly realizing his parchments and quill were on the ground. He knelt to retrieve them, expecting Dresses to leave him to his things. Suddenly, he realized Dresses was helping pick up his lost articles.
“So what have you been working on, Slings?”
Every parchment she picked up, she examined, quickly scanning over the contents of each. Slings, realization dawning on him, quickly started rummaging through the scattered parchments, looking for a particular one.
“What’s this one?” Dresses asked.

Slings’ eyes went wide.
“No! That one’s not-“ he said, reaching for the paper Dresses had.
“Oh c’mon…let me read,” Dresses teased, holding the paper away from Slings’ desperately reaching hands.
Slings grabbed for it, stumbled, hit the ground again.
“’The Tale of Dresses Like a Guy’…you never told me you wrote a story about me!”
Slings hopped to his feet, frantic.
“Don’t read it! It’s not done! I need to rewrite it! Some plot points aren’t complete! Too many typos!”
It was too late however. Dresses eyes had already begun dancing down the page, reading line after line. Slings covered his face, trying to prepare himself for the inevitable blow. He waited…and waited…and waited. No blow ever came.

He peaked out from between his eyes to find Dresses still scanning the parchment, completely serious look on her face. Slings bit his lip.
“Look…I didn’t mean…er…what it’s supposed to…ummm”

“I love it!” Dresses shouted, suddenly wrapping her arms around Slings in a big hug.
Slings stood there in complete shock.
“It’s sweet how you had my character follow in her father’s footsteps as a great warrior. When’s it gonna be done?”
All Slings could do was shrug, utterly speechless at her less-than-negative reaction.
“Well I hope you’ll let me read the rest. I’d better go…late for guard duty. Bye, Slings!”

Slings watched as she ran off. He smiled one of the goofiest smiles his face had ever produced, not taking his eyes off her until she was out of site. He stood there for a few moments, lost in thought.
“Slings! Stop daydreaming and get over here! We could use your help!” Dances with Llamas called from across the warcamp.
He snapped out of his daze, smile still adorning his face. Kneeling to pick up his things, all he could do was think. Think about Dresses.
Maybe someday…




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