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Explore the history of my own MST3K episode. Learn of the sets, the scripts, the robots, the filming, and more! Read the scenes that never made it to film, watch outtakes and bloopers. And meet the cast - in web form!

Here they are - The Tulsa Satellite Bridge Crew (and their alter egos)

And they are just itching to lead you to other parts of the site. Click one of the links below to get started.

HISTORY will send you to all things related to my MST movie. A veritable "behind the scenes" tape, only in webpage format. And maybe a few film clips too. Give it a click and find out.

My BOTS get their own page. Three pages, actually, but this button will take you to Crow's. Crow was the first bot I built. and my most traveled. I can't tell you how to build your own Crow, but I can show how I built mine.

CREDITS. I have a lot of people to thank for putting up with me while I played director. Here is a webpage recognizing their help.

The CASTLE button will take you to a page devoted to my scheme to distribute this-here fan flick of mine. Learn how you can get your very own copy - delivered right to your mailbox.

GOBLINS is a new section in my website. It has nothing to do with my MST movie, but since it is new, it gets promoted here anyway.


Thanks to the magic of the intertubes, you can write to me and tell me what you think about this website. Or about Mystery Science Theater. Or about Goblins: Life Through Their Eyes. Or about just about anything! Give it a try! Click my address and see what happens. acyn@cox.net